Scott Zirkel

Making stuff up since 1977


I primarily use Laravel, a PHP framework. I'm currently enhancing that with the following hotness:

This site is built in Next.js, just because I wanted to learn something new.

99% of my code is private client work, but I try to save some of my non-client work on GitHub. You can also see me trying new things at CodePen.


Kinda like a blog, but I never update it.

Life with Tailwind [2020-11-17]Tailwind CSS, it's just a way of life now. Spoiler: I continue to still love it.

A Year with Tailwind [2018-11-06]My continuing adventures with Tailwind CSS. Spoiler: I still love it.

A Week with Tailwind [2017-11-07]My first experience with Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework. Spoiler:I love it.