Scott Zirkel

Making stuff up since 1977


Here's a few of the tools I use. In case you care about such things.


This site was created with Gridsome, hosted on Netlify Statamic, hosted on Digital Ocean and uses Tailwind CSS. All of my domains are registered with Hover and they are great.


I currently have a custom-built desk that uses an IKEA butcher block top and conduit for legs. It's a bit taller than standard, which fits me better. Atop I have a 27-inch 5K Apple iMac, I think it's a mid-2015? I have two Asus monitors (not these, but similar). One is to the left, and mostly runs iTunes, Slack, and email. The other is on the right side, and is rotated 90° to make the code a bit more readable.

I also have a 15" mid-2012 Macbook Pro that I use at home or on the go. The battery is pretty much shot and the video card is barely hanging in there, but it's still doing me good! I code side projects and write comics with it.

I have a set of Marshall Bluetooth headphones that I really like, but still not used to the wireless bit. I sometimes drop things and lean towards them as if I'm wired the computer. Other times they are turned on, but I forget to hit play. They are just sitting there, draining batteries.

After getting complaints about the mic in my Marshalls, I upgraded to a Blue Yeti and I love it. It's mounted on a swing out boom arm with a shock mount and pop filter, mostly to look cool.

For sitting I use a comfy chair from Serta.

My keyboard and mouse aren't fancy: a full-sized Apple keyboard and a pretty basic Logitec Mouse. Both are wired because running out of batteries is the worst. I use a leather mouse pad from Old Church Works that just gets better looking with age.

I also keep an actively running Field Notes on my desk for jotting down, well everything. I have an older Intous 4, but would love to get a proper tablet or drawable monitor at some point.

I like to fidget while I think, so I picked up this leather ball from Hide & Drink.

And of course my desk is littered with toys from He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Doctor Who and whatever random things I find. Software Code

My editor is VS Code PHPStorm with a different theme each week. I use Fira Code font with fancy ligatures enabled. My terminal is Hyper.js and I change the theme on that pretty often too.


Depending on what I'm designing, I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, & XD Affinity Photo & Designer.


For writing comics & books, I prefer Highland. It's a very lightweight but full-featured writing app that rivals behemoth Final Draft.


If you're looking for my overlanding or Jeep setups, head over to my Kit profile and check those out.